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Your health and safety are extremely important during your time in Prato, Italy. This section will give you guidance on how to access health insurance while you are abroad and explain what to do before you leave to ensure you have the proper medications and health requirements. You can also read about ways to stay safe while studying abroad in Prato and while traveling throughout Europe in our Safety section.

The University of New Haven wants all their students and staff to be safe and happy while studying abroad. Please take the time to read these important bulletins and tips.

Q. Will I have international health insurance? When is it activated?

A. As a student at the University of New Haven Tuscany program, you will have automatic access to HTH Worldwide health insurance. Your international insurance has been purchased on your behalf by UNH.

Your health insurance coverage starts on the first day of your program for many medical services which are required due to illness or accident which occur during the program dates while you’re onsite . Your coverage ends on the last day of the program; therefore, should you choose to stay abroad after the end of your program, you will not be covered during that time.

You will be given an HTH insurance card to keep with you at all times, but if you lose it you can print another copy online. To print off an insurance card, you will need to enter your certificate number and password on the web site

Q. What is HTH Direct?

A. HTH Direct is a network of health care providers around the world that have a special billing relationship set up with HTH. This way, the doctor will be able to bill HTH directly and you will not have to go through the claims process.

Q. What is covered?

A. Basic medical expenses are covered at 100% of reasonable expenses up to $250,000. Outpatient prescription drugs are included at 80% of the actual charge. The policy has a maximum benefit of $250,000 per year and a $1,000,000 maximum lifetime benefit. For more specific information you can consult the UNH Study Abroad Plan brochure online at

Q. Where can I find HTH Direct Doctors in Prato?

A. We recommend that for any of your health issues you consult the program’s trusted HTH-Direct doctor, Dr. Pietro Ticci. He has two clinics in Prato. Dr. Ticci’s cell phone number, clinic locations and hours can be found in the Student Handbook. We’ll show you exactly where Dr. Ticci’s clinic is located when you arrive in Prato.

You will be provided with much more information about HTH, health matters, pharmacies, specialized doctors, and Prato Hospital when you arrive in Prato.

Q. What other medical services are available in Prato?

A. You will be provided with a comprehensive list of specialists and dentists during Orientation. The UNH Tuscany staff will be happy to help you find any specialists you may need during the semester.

Students who need medical assistance outside of Dr. Ticci’s hours can make use of the Guardia Medica. You will be provided with its location and hours during Orientation; they can also be found in the Student Handbook. Additionally, Prato’s centrally-located hospital has an Accident and Emergency department that is open 24 hours.

Alternatively, you may receive assistance from non HTH-Direct doctors; see below for information on payment and claims processing.

Q. How does payment work for non HTH-Direct doctors?

A. If you visit a Doctor who is not HTH-Direct, you will often need to pay up front for services rendered. In order to get reimbursed for your covered costs, you will need to submit a claim along with your receipts and doctor’s notes to HTH. The HTH claim form is posted on the HTH student site. If you need some assistance in filling out the form, please see Prato staff. Remember, you must keep your original receipts! Once you have completed the form, send the form, your receipts and doctor’s notes to HTH.

Claims are to be submitted to:

HTH Worldwide Insurance Services PO Box 968 Horsham, PA 19044 1.888.350.2002 (toll-free from the United States) 1.215.793.6925 (from Italy) 1.888.250.4121 (Fax)

Q. How can I get medicine while in Prato?

A. Just as in the US, over-the-counter basics like aspirin or simple cold remedies can be found in any pharmacy in Italy without a prescription. If you need to bring prescription medication with you to Italy, visit your doctor before departure and ask to be able to fill a prescription for as much of your medication as you will need for the entire duration of your program. Bring enough of the medicine to last you for the entire semester. Together with your prescription medication, bring a copy of the prescription and a signed authorization from your doctor to prove that the medication is for your personal use.

Keep prescription and non-prescription medications in the original packages. You might also want to check the availability/legality of your prescription in your host country.

Q. If I leave the program early for any reason, am I entitled to a reimbursement for health insurance?

A. No. Should you leave the program, you will be charged as if you had completed the entire program. The health insurance costs cannot be refunded once the program has begun.


Important Health Tip: Do not discontinue or alter dosage of prescription medications while abroad!