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About Restaurants and Cafes

Bon per te cafe

A major part of your experience here in Prato will be exploring its many shops and eateries. Our Meal Plan has been designed to let you sample a variety of dishes in restaurants and cafes located throughout the city center. We encourage you to try them all! See our Meal Plan section for more information on eating in Prato and Florence.

Most but not all restaurants close one day a week; hours should be listed in a visible spot, either in the window or on the menu posted outside. Many restaurants also have Facebook pages listing their hours and daily menus. Not all restaurants serve both lunch and dinner every day, so always check before making plans. Hot breakfasts in restaurants are hard to come by in Italy; generally, any restaurant offering them is one that caters to tourists!

Practical tips for eating in restaurants: in Italy, tipping at restaurants is not necessarily customary, in part because wait staff and kitchen staff generally earn a living wage. Diners may choose to leave a Euro or two for good service, but are not required to tip.  
However, always check the menu for the standard service charge, or servizio. This charge should be around €1-2 per person. The service charge will be added to your check no matter what you’ve ordered.