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Activities around Prato

Prato is a city with a lot to offer. The Tuscany Campus staff joins forces with local organizations to give you the chance to participate in a variety of activities outside the Palazzo. During these activities, you can get to know locals and other students, and maybe even make a friend or two!

Below is a selection of activities that have been offered in past semesters. Please remember that activities may vary from semester to semester.

Cooking classCooking Classes at Datini High School

Students had the chance to attend cooking classes at the teaching kitchen in Datini High School. They joined Italian students to learn how to cook two different types of pasta – tagliatelle and stuffed ravioli. The food was delicious and everything was made from scratch!

Piano Recital

UNH’s Professor Victor Markiw gave a marvelous piano recital at a local music school, the Scuola di Musica Giuseppe Verdi. The recital was open to both UNH students and the general public.

UNH Soccer and Basketball at Oratorio Sant’AnnaSoccer at Sant'Anna

UNH students and faculty get together on Monday nights to play soccer against other Italians. Soccer, or calcio in Italian, is a very popular sport among young and older people in Italy. This activity has become quite a favorite!

Olive Oil Tasting at PIN

Italian Food Quality students went to the PIN campus (the Prato branch of the University of Florence) to learn about olive oil preparation. During the lesson, they were given the chance to participate in an olive oil tasting and rate and analyze each sample by taste, appearance and smell. By the end of the tasting, each student was able distinguish a good quality olive oil from a poor quality olive oil.

Prato Soccer Team at Lungobisenzio Stadium

In every town in Italy, soccer is an important part of the local culture and identity. To give our students a taste of real calcio, Italian professors teaching at the Tuscany Campus brought them to a Prato game at the city’s soccer stadium.