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Introducing the College of Lifelong & eLearning

Effective immediately University College has changed its name to the College of Lifelong & eLearning.  The new name more clearly reflects the work of the College in assisting part time and adult students in pursuing and reaching their educational goals.  The new name also emphasizes that learning is a lifelong endeavor as well as the College’s new focus on developing totally online programs.  The new online programs will create a new level of access to adult students wherever they may live to take advantage of the quality of a University of New Haven educational experience without ever having to come to campus.  The College will continue to manage and support Summer Session and Intersession for the University.

The College of Lifelong & eLearning provides a pathway for educational access and success to those who seek personal and/or professional advancement through education. The College is a doorway to the University of New Haven for a worldwide community of learners of all ages. By providing institutional leadership across all UNH colleges, the College delivers quality educational opportunities in coordination with academic departments through a variety of instructional options and venues. 

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