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Login Troubleshooting

1. The preferred method is using the UNH Portal at (you can also access the UNH portal from the University of New Haven home page by clicking on the insideUNH link). Single sign-on authentication to Blackboard is available directly from the Portal - once logged on just click on the BB 9 icon in the upper right-hand corner. This is a very easy way to get to Blackboard, and you'll have the advantage of also seeing all the important information about UNH that you need as soon as you log on. Many other services are also available directly from the portal.

2. You can also access Blackboard by going to  or by clicking on “Quick Links” from the University home page.  Go to Logins, click on the Blackboard link.  Log in by typing your username and your UNH email password.

3. Click  OK to login.

If you are having problems, please call 203.932.7062. The staff of the Campus Card Office are trained to help you log onto your account. Calling them and having them walk you through the login process is the most effective way to solve any login issues you are having. The staff can look up your default password, test your ability to log in, add you to classes and explain the basic use of the system.

If, after calling the Campus Card Office they are unable to log you in, please email

Mac Users- There are some compatibility issues with Active Directory that make Safari not display graphics correctly. At this time we strongly recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

AOL users: The AOL browser is not supported. Once you've logged into the internet through AOL, open a browser and access Blackboard.

  1. Need Help?

    Click Here for telephone, email and other I.T. support information.