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Taking Tests/Quizzes

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To take a test or quiz, go to the test or quiz section from the course menu on the left side.

NOTE:  It is highly recommended that you start and finish the assessment in one session.  Saving the answers does not always work and there is no guarantee that your answers will be saved when you come back.

Clicking on the test/quiz you want to take will take you to this screen:

Click "Begin" (blue button) to start the quiz/test.  Each professor may have a different layout or format of the test but the general format looks like this:

Answer all the questions and click "Save and Submit" (blue button).  You will get a confirmation popup asking you to verify that you are ready to submit your assessment.

Click "OK" to submit your assessment.  Click "Cancel" to go back to the test/quiz.  Once you click "OK," you will get the following screen:

This screen is confirmation that the assessment was submitted successfully.  Click "OK" to view the results of your test/quiz.

Some professors allow you to see your answers to see what you got right and wrong.  Other professors only allow you to see the final score.  Clicking the "OK" button (bottom right) will take you back to the test/quiz section of the course.


If you accidentally submit your assessment or if you cannot see all the questions in your assessment, contact your professor immediately.

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