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Dining Dollars

All residential students are required to have a meal plan. Policies regarding meal plans are set by the Office of Residential Life and meal plans are administered by Sodexo, the on-campus dining services vendor.

There are five meal plans: Charger Unlimited, Weekly 10, Flex 150, and Flex 75. Each meal plan carries a combination of set meals and declining balance funds. These declining balance funds are $500.00 for Charger Unlimited, $565.00 for Weekly 10, $540.00 for Flex 150, and $800.00 for Flex 75. The declining balance can be used to purchase meals not included in the meal plan at the cafeteria, and also at Jazzman's, the C-store, and Cafe 185 and Pandini's, and other locations.

The declining balance funds do not carry beyond the semester in which they are applied. For more information about policies regarding declining balances, please contact Dining Services. Their offices are located in the main cafeteria in Bartels Hall.

Dining Dollars cannot be used in other locations than those mentioned above. However, Dining Dollars are the primary fund for dining services and will always be used for dining services purchases if available.
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