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Laundry Services

There are washers and dryers located in each residence hall. Your Campus Card is used to operate the laundry machines using Charger Cash. Each operation of a washer or dryer removes a set amount from the fund.

Initially, each wash cycle or drying cycle costs $1.25. Additional drying cycles can be purchased for $0.75.  It is not possible to purchase an additional rinse cycle.

If you have trouble with a machine, please put an "out of order" sign on it, and report the problem to an RA or the Office of Residential Life, 203-932-7076. The Office of Residential Life is not responsible for lost or damaged clothing.

If you require a refund, please contact Alan MacDougall at

If you swipe your card and you see $10.00 instead of the actual amount of Charger Cash on your card, the swipe machine may be offline. If the swipe machine does go offline all users are extended a $10.00 credit to allow you to continue to do wash. If this occurs, please contact us.

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