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Computer Labs

Marvin K. Peterson Library

The Marvin K. Peterson Library has approximately 50 desktop computers and 2 laptop carts with an additional 48 computers available for student use. The library also has 3 high-speed black and white and one color printer for student use (printing charges apply). Students can also print wirelessly from their personal laptops after installing a print driver (printing charges apply).

The library computers run Windows 7, have Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Office, SPSS, MATLAB and other software. There are also 6 iMacs available for student use. For hours of availability please consult the library's website at:

Maxcy 123B
This area has approximately 10 Windows 7 computers available on a first come first-serve basis.
Maxcy- Vlock Center for Convergent Media
The Laurel Vlock Center for Convergent Media, built in 2008, holds 25 Power Mac Dual Xeon machines with 23-inch flat panel monitors.  This lab uses Final Cut Pro, which is an Apple product used for video editing and the industry standard. UNH hosts the Final Cut Pro network which enables students to edit their work on any of the 32 equipped computers in the communication department. Furthermore, UNH is the only Apple-certified training facility in the entire state of Connecticut.
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Maxcy- Bergami Center
Located in Maxcy 218, the Samuel S. Bergami Learning Center for Finance and Technology (LCFT) contains a computer lab loaded with the latest database and analysis software, the Ralph De La Camera Conference Room, LCD screens and rise tickers for stock quotations and news reels.
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Maxcy 203
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Maxcy Mathematics Labs
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Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Most of the Chemistry labs are used for classes.  There is a Chemistry Library that is used by students for research.  There are a few computers available for use.
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Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science
The laboratories in this department include the following: Computer Science Lab; Instrumentation and Electronics Lab; Computer Engineering Lab; Communications, DSP, Fiber Optics Lab; and Computer Networking Lab. The labs are located in Buckman Hall rooms 240, 239, 232, 203 and 201.
Click here for more information on the Computer Science Laboratories and for the lab schedule
Industrial System and Multidisciplinary Engineering
The new Industrial and System Engineering Laboratory is designed to meet optimal learning outcomes and to incorporate flexibility in room use.  This Smart Classroom technology enables faculty to engage students with multiple learning avenues enriching the education experience that students experience.
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Dodds Hall and Harugari Labs
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