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Print Green

Print Green


The University implemented the Print Green Program to reduce unnecessary printing and decrease the consumption of paper, toner and energy. The program is environmentally sound and fiscally responsible.


Charging for printing is a standard policy at universities.  The Print Green Program creates an incentive to read material online and print only those portions of documents that are actually necessary. Encouraging students to print only necessary materials will improve the availability of printing resources for all students.

How it works:

  • Print management software (Pharos) monitors printing of all public printers on campus.
  • Undergraduate students are provided with $18.00 per semester and Graduate students $12.00 per trimester in a separate Print fund that can only be used for printing.  All students receive $36.00 per academic year.  This is provided free of charge to students.
  • Once the free Print fund is exhausted, the Print Green program utilizes Charger Cash. Students can deposit funds to Charger Cash through Blackboard on the Campus Card tab using a credit or debit card. A Charger Cash machine is also available in the Library.
  • Refunds can be requested online using the refund request web form. Please allow 48 hours for credits to be applied when appropriate. Refunds will be granted for paid jobs that do not print. The University reserves the right to evaluate requests for refunds.
  • Black and white prints cost $.08 per page for single sided or duplex (front and back). 
  • Color prints cost $0.50 per page for single sided or duplex (front and back).  There may be additional restrictions on color printing at the discretion of the department to which the color printer is assigned.
  • Faculty and staff using public printers are subject to the same charges.  Guests and alumnae can print in the Library by purchasing a card from the Circulation Desks. Availability and use of these cards are at the discretion of the Library staff.


For alternate methods of exchanging information, including reviewing course material, transmitting completed assignments, and encouraging students, faculty and staff to replace paper with electronic information sharing, please contact Alan MacDougall at


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