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UNH Student Email (Office 365)

University of New Haven Outlook Live Access

Access UNH Student Group and/or Club Email Account


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

       How do I setup my Blackberry/iPhone/Mobile Device for Office 365?

An Email Setup Help Wizard can be found online at  This link will assist you in configuring your mobile device or desktop email program (Mac or PC).  If you would like to jump right to the settings for POP/IMAP access, the information on will help you.

Note for iPhone Users: You should add your Office 365 account as an Exchange ActiveSync account using the steps here; however, leave the field "Domain" blank and for "Server Name" use "".  Your username is your Full email address (Ex: or

I get an error message stating that I am currently signed on or I need to sign out of my existing account!

You may be signed in to your personal Outlook account.  Make sure you sign out of Outlook completely, and then go to again.

How can I change my password? / I forgot my password!

You can change your password for student email (and all other UNH network systems, including Blackboard and Banner) by going to the UNH Password Reset tool at and following the steps.

What is my e-mail address?

Your e-mail address will be or, where username is the same as your existing UNH username.

How do I access my UNH student e-mail?

Go to and sign-on with or and your UNH network password.

What is my Office 365 password?

Your Office 365 password will initially be e-mailed to you.  Once established, your Office 365 password is also your UNH network password.  If you reset your UNH network password while on campus, the password for your Office 365 account will also be changed.

What will my mailbox quota / storage limit be?

Students receive a much larger mailbox quota (10 GB) and can send up to 20 MB attachments.

Will my e-mail account still work when I graduate or leave the University?

Your e-mail account will continue to work after you graduate, as long as you use it. Microsoft will terminate any mailbox inactive for a year. Once you are no longer a student, your account will display advertisements beside your messages.

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