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Robert M. Lee Robert Lee
An esteemed engineer and successful executive in the Lee Company, his family's pioneering Connecticut firm based in Essex and Westbrook, Mr. Lee guides the company's construction projects and research and development.


    The Lee Company has for decades been at the forefront of development of miniature precision control components for aerospace, medical and scientific instrumentation, machine tools and inkjet printing.

    Before becoming executive vice president, Mr. Lee was responsible for the formation of the company's Electro-Fluidic Systems Group in 1984, creating a product line with separate product and engineering facilities whose sales grew to $40 million from $4 million during his tenure.

    Prior to that, he served as a sales liaison for sales engineers in the field and in-house staff for a newly formed product line, and as a project engineer for new designs and modification of existing designs to accommodate client requirements. Early in his career, Mr. Lee was employed at Avco Lycoming in Stratford, Conn., one of the world's leading producers of gas turbines for general aviation. At Avco Lycoming, Mr. Lee served as a project engineer, working on design, development and maintenance of test facilities for gas turbine development and,  providing on-call support and troubleshooting problems with complex test systems and equipment.


    Community Service

    In 2003, Mr. Lee was the recipient of the Distinguished Engineering Alumnus award from the University of New Haven. He is a member of the Tagliatela College of Engineering's advisory board at UNH. He was a member of Board of Governors at UNH from 2003 to 2012. He rejoined the board in 2013.


    Mr. Lee has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of New Haven. In 2009, he was awarded an honorary doctorate of business administration from UNH.


    An avid sailboat racer, he has two sons and a daughter who share his affinity for boating and winter weekends in Vermont. He resides in Westbrook, Conn.