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Tutoring Grid Schedules

Fall 2016 Tutoring Schedule can be found here.

Center for Learning Resources (CLR) Appointment Policies

The Center for Learning Resources does its best to accommodate every UNH student who wishes to use our services. To provide this service, we adhere to the following protocols:

  1. Students may make three, 30-minute appointments per week per CLR division (Writing Lab; Math, Science, and Business Lab; Computer Lab; Undergraduate Peer Tutoring; Graduate Peer Tutoring; and ePortfolio). Students may use the Computer Lab without a tutor at their discretion and attend as many workshops and supplemental instruction sessions as they wish in a week.
  2. Students seeking additional assistance may work with a tutor not scheduled for a session, or with an open seat, for a reasonable period beyond their appointment; students with an appointment/who have not yet been seen receive priority help.
  3. Anyone who cannot attend an appointment is expected to provide reasonable advance notice to avoid being listed as a “no show.”
    • You may cancel via S.T.A.T. until 12 AM the day before the appointment.
    • You may call us at (203) 932-7215 to cancel the appointment. If you leave a voicemail message, be sure to clearly state your name and the date and time of the appointment. You must call/leave this message a minimum of two hours prior to the appointment.
    • While we appreciate a call even at the last minute if you are not attending, you will be listed as a “no show” for calls/emails less than two hours before the appointment.
  4. Students who acquire three “no shows” will be blocked from making an appointment for the rest of the term but may continue to work with the tutors on a walk-in basis if they are free. Their appointment privileges will be reinstated at the start of the next term with a clean slate.
  5. Under no circumstance is a student to use another student’s ID to book an appointment or to hold it for a walk-in basis. Doing so is a violation of the “Proscribed Conduct” policy, section 17, on p. 65 of the UNH Student Handbook.
    • Students who use another student’s ID to book an appointment will be referred to the Student Conduct System and need to meet with a member of the Dean of Students Staff before any further use of the CLR is permitted.
    • Students who knowingly allow their ID to be used by another student will also be referred to this office.
  6. Students who missed one or more of their three appointments due to an emergency situation that they can document may speak with the CLR director or associate director for a dispensation.

Thank you for respecting these policies and allowing us to work with all students at UNH in a fair and equitable manner.