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Meet The CLR Staff

Administrative Staff

Debbie MalewickiMs. Debbie Malewicki, Director

Ms. Malewicki is the director of the Center for Learning Resources, including the Peer Tutoring Program. She earned a BA in English and a BFA in Creative Writing from Roger Williams University, as well as an MA in English Literature from UConn-Storrs. Ms. Malewicki spent a decade teaching English, literature, and humanities courses at schools such as Quinnipiac University, Southern Connecticut State University, and Norwalk Community College (NCC), in addition to serving as a faculty tutor in various writing centers and later as the associate director of the Writing Center at NCC. She has also worked as a technical writing consultant, proofreader, and editor in fields such as medical marketing, medical journals, high-level finance, theology, engineering, and children’s media, in addition to freelancing as a software trainer for several years.


Jodi ShydloJodi Shydlo, Associate Director

Jodi Shydlo is the associate director of the Center for Learning Resources (CLR).  She was also a part-time tutor at the Writing Center at Norwalk Community College (NCC) in Norwalk, Connecticut, and worked there from 2005-2012 to help students at any stage of the writing process for any class that assigned writing projects, such as research papers, essays, compositions, professional letters, literature responses, and creative pieces.  She has taught basic composition courses as an adjunct at NCC.  In addition to Jodi’s duties as associate director, she also tutors in the Writing Lab and proctors placement exams.  Jodi earned a BA in Psychology as well as an MS and 6th year diploma in School Psychology.  In addition, she earned a 6th year diploma and certification in Secondary English Education in the state of Connecticut. 

Tutors: ENGL 1101, ENGL 1102, ENGL 1103, ENGL 1104, ENGL 1105, ENGL 1106, ENGL 1110, ENGL 1111, ENGL 2201, PSYC 1111, PSYC 2216, PSYC 2218, PSYC 2220, PSYC 3305, PSYC 3306, PSYC 3312, PSYC 3315, PSYC 3330, PSYC 3351, PSYC 3365, PSYC 3370, and PSYC 3375

University of New Haven: Megan FimbelMegan Fimbel, Peer Tutoring Program Coordinator

Megan Fimbel is the Peer Tutoring Program Coordinator. Megan is now a graduate student, studying to earn her Master's degree in Forensic Science with a concentration in Criminalistics, after graduating in May 2012 as a double major in Forensic Science and Chemistry. During her undergraduate career, she was involved with the Admissions Team as a student tour guide, the Honors Program, the Forensic Science and Chemistry Club, and the Mock Trial Team. Megan worked as a Senior Resident Assistant for the Forensic Science Living Learning Community, a Laboratory Assistant the Chemistry Department, and a student representative of the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Megan also works for the CLR as a Chemistry and General Biology tutor in the Math, Science, and Business Lab.

Tutors:  BIOL 2253, BIOL 2253L, BIOL 2254, BIOL 2254L, CHEM 1103, CHEM 1105, CHEM 1105L, CHEM 1115, CHEM 1116, CHEM 1117, CHEM 1118, CHEM 2201, CHEM 2202, CHEM 2203, CHEM 2204, CHEM 2211, CHEM 2211L, CHEM 2221, CHEM 2221L, CHEM 3331, CHEM 3333, CHEM 3341, FORS 2215, FORS 2216, FORS 3303, FORS 4403, FORS 4415, FORS 4416, FORS 6614, FORS 6616, FORS 6621, FORS 6653, FORS 6697, and FIRE 6625

Raquel ArnoldRacquel Arnold, CLR Receptionist/ Administrative Assistant

Racquel Arnold is an undergraduate student majoring in Biology with a Pre-Medical emphasis. She plans on being in the hospital environment during and after her studies in medical school. Aside from being part of the CLR staff, Racquel is an A-Team and LEGOS member. She enjoys spending time with her friends, having fun, playing video games, and spending time with her cat.


Samantha HillSamantha Hill, CLR Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Samantha (a.k.a. Sam) is an undergraduate student majoring in Forensic Science with a concentration in Chemistry. She is planning on getting her master's degree and working at the federal level. Besides working at the CLR, Sam is a part of SMILE, works as a waitress back home in New Jersey, and enjoys singing, playing video games, reading, writing poetry, and fencing.

Tutors: DGAD 1101 and ePortfolio



Elizabeth (Liz) Medina, CLR Receptionist/Administrative AssistantElizabeth Medina


Elizabeth (Liz) Medina is an undergraduate student majoring in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Investigative Services.  She is planning on minoring in Sociology and earning a certificate in Paralegal Studies and Law Enforcement Science. Some of her hobbies outside of school include the following:  hiking, reading, being with friends and family, arts and crafts, and anything dealing with penguins or the color teal.





SiddhiSiddhi Mulaokar, Adminstrative Support Graduate Assistant

Siddhi graduated with a bachelors in Interior Design/Pre-Architecture and is currently pursuing her M.B.A. from the University of New Haven.  She is passionate about design because of her family background in construction and design.  She aspires to merge her design and business background to eventually work as a design manager at a big firm.  Her hobbies include travelling and sampling cuisines from around the globe.

Tutors:  ACCT 6620, MGMT 6637, Auto CAD, Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office


Jaque PerezJaquelyn (Jaque) Perez, CLR Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Jaque Perez is an undergraduate peer tutor and an administrative assistant/receptionist. Jaque is entering her junior year studying Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensic Psychology. Jaque plans on minoring in Philosophy or earning a certificate in Paralegal Studies. Jaque is an undergraduate student government senator, member of the Alpha Lambda Delta honor society, and actively participates in REC sports at UNH. She enjoys working out, cooking, and reading.

Tutors: CJST 1100, CJST 1102, CJST 2201, CJST 2205, CJST 2217, CJST 2250, CJST 3311, CJST 3312, CJST 4408, PSYC 1111, PYSC 2217, PSYC 3336, PSYC 3370 and SOCI 1113


Rudolph (Rudy) PlavnickyRudolph (Rudy) Plavnicky, CLR Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Rudolph Plavnicky, or Rudy, is an undergraduate majoring in Fire Arson Investigation with a minor in Criminal Justice.  He is part of the Fire Science Club and the Ultimate Frisbee Club known as Manhunt.  In his free time, he likes to play video games, Frisbee, relax by the pool, and take long walks on the beach with his cat.   After finishing college, he hopes to be hired as a fire investigator for his town as well as become a volunteer firefighter.

Tutors: ARTS 2209