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Racquel Arnold, CLR Receptionist/ Administrative Assistant

Racquel Arnold is an undergraduate student majoring in Biology with a minor in Psychology. She plans on going to graduate school and pursing a neuropsychology career. Aside from being part of the CLR staff, Racquel is an A-Team member and a Leadership Intern/Cochair. She enjoys spending time with her friends, having fun, pursuing leadership opportunities, and overall having a good time.



University of New Haven: Lanmeng MaLanmeng Ma

Lanmeng Ma is now a Ph.D. student in Criminal Justice after having earned her Master's in Criminal Justice at UNH. Originally from Sichuan province, China, Lanmeng lived in Shanghai for many years where she received a BA in Fashion Design at Donghua University. Beyond her specialty in criminal justice, Lanmeng is passionate about the visual arts and has published two books on traditional Chinese paintings.  She believes that challenges make life rich, there are smart ways to make life easier, and hard work leads to success. 

Tutors:  CJST 6601, CJST 6606, CJST 6608, CJST 6611, CJST 6613, CJST 6617, CJST 6618, CJST 6622, CJST 6637, CJST 6651, and CJST 6656

Charles RangelCharles Rangel

Charles is a senior here at UNH, double majoring in Accounting and Finance.  As an accounting major, Charles is pursuing a career goal of becoming a Certified Public Accountant, and his ultimate goal is becoming a Chief Financial Officer of a company.  Charles is very friendly and goal oriented which makes him a very motivated individual.  He really enjoys subjects that involve mathematics and calculations.  In his free time, Charles likes to play and watch hockey, socialize with friends, and research news and trends in domestic and international markets. 

Tutors: ACCT  1101, ACCT  1102, ACCT 2220, ACCT 2250, ECON 1133, ECON 1134, FINC 2213, FINC 2214, QANL 1118 and QANL 2216