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ePortfolio Tutoring

Whether you’re looking to construct your ePortfolio from a technical perspective or are seeking assistance with choosing the best content to present in it, the Center for Learning Resources can help.

Thirty of our student staff are trained in the mechanics of the ePortfolio, including the little quirks of saving in spots and how to design an aesthetically pleasing ePortfolio to catch the eye of a prospective employer. 

Our Writing Lab staff are ready to assist you in discussing your thoughts on which pieces of writing you might include in your english portfolio, while our Nutrition and Dietetics and Dental Hygiene peer tutors can also help you with your professional presentations.

If you’re seeking content support, then please sign in to AccuTrack under the current semester so that you can notify your professor of the visit.  For mechanical assistance, select the “ePortfolio” option when you enter the system.  (Note:  There is no option to notify faculty of visits this way.) 

What is ePortfolio?

ePortfolio is a free application, offered through Blackboard, for all University of New Haven students.  Many of our tutors (undergraduate and graduate) can help you begin to build your ePortfolio for your class or just to use as a supplement to your cover letter and resume for a job application. 

To find out more about ePortfolio and how to access your ePortfolio, please visit the College of Arts and Sciences page here.

ePortfolio allows you to post sample projects or papers for future employers to see.  You can also post your resume or pictures of your involvement on- or off-campus.  Below are pictures from two of our tutors' ePortfolios.

Emily McCabe's ePortfolio Homepage

Photos and text may be added to your ePortfolio to customize the template.

McCabe Homepage

Samples of Work from Jon Coscarelli's ePortfolio

Attachments may also be created in ePortfolio, so a professor or future employer can open your work in a PDF form, instead of seeing the entire document in their webpage.

Coscarelli - Samples of Work

Research Components Detailed by Emily McCabe

Research - McCabe

Jon Coscarelli's Campus Involvement

ePortfolio doesn't have to only showcase what you've done in the classroom.  If you are using your ePortfolio as a supplement to a job application, feel free to show your future employers what you've learned outside the classroom as well.

Coscarelli Activities