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Here at UNH, we are committed to transfer students. Here are opportunities designed just for you!


 A student run organization to welcome transfer students upon arrival at the University of New Haven. This group intends to doing the following:

  1. Increase involvement and engagement of transfer students.
  2. Provide leadership, community and career development opportunities for transfers.
  3. Provide a sense of community amongst transfer students.
  4. To sponsor social events and networking opportunities to transfer students, that will include the University, the community and families.
  5. Work with the University administration to meet the needs of transfer students and perspective transfer students.

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 fysc advisory board

The First-Year Success Center (FYSC) is pleased to announce the creation of a Student Advisory Committee. The mission of the Student Advisory Committee is to provide a student voice in assisting the FYSC consider strategies for improving the quality of our support services to the community, as well as promote awareness of these services on campus. The goals of the Student Advisory Committee include:

  • Participate in a transfer focus group study each semester to improve transfer services
  • Providing feedback on existing services
  • Suggesting changes and additions to FYSC programming
  •  Assisting with outreach and marketing of FYSC services on campus
  • Generating new ideas and projects for the FYSC

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Tau Sigma National Honor Society

Tau Sigma is a society for students that have transferred from one institution (or institutions) to another, and have made high academic achievement during their first term.  The purpose of the organization, as stated in the constitution is: “To recognize the academic achievement of students transferring to the University of New Haven from another academic institution and to encourage and promote the students’ involvement at UNH.” To be considered for membership into Tau Sigma, students must transfer to the University of New Haven from another academic institution with at least one full year’s academic credits at the prior institution.  In their first semester of being a full-time student, one must have earned at least a 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. Students are inducted each spring semester and have opportunities to go to conferences, participate in community service, social and academic event through this student run organization.

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