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Lowes Business Account

University of New Haven has a business account with Lowe’s Home Improvement. Purchases can be made at the store or on-line. Purchased items can either be picked up at the store or delivered to UNH for a $20 fee. Orders over $500 will be delivered at no charge.


Store Purchases

Purchases at a Lowe’s store will receive a 5% business discount and sales tax will not be charged. You must present a Lowe’s Business Card at check out and your purchases must be charged to a purchase order. Establish a Lowe’s Business Account as follows:


1)   Please request a Lowe’s Business Card by emailing either Lucille Spoldi ( or Bob Stevens (

2)   Please submit a purchase requisition referencing your department Index to establish an open purchase order with Lowe’s. Please assign a value to the requisition sufficient to cover 12 months of purchases. The purchase order will encumber funds against the Index.


Website Purchases

Website purchases can be made at and will receive a discount between 5% and 30%. Website purchases require the following:


1)      Lowe’s Business Card

2)      Purchase order number to reference with your purchase

3)      TCPN number. Please contact Bob Stevens X7435 or Lucille Spoldi X7129 to obtain a TCPN number

4)      Pick up - Lowe’s will pick the ordered materials and hold them for pick up at the store. Please allow time for order picking, next day is best.

5)      Delivery - Lowe’s will deliver to UNH for a fee of $20. Orders valued at $500 or greater will be delivered at no charge.


Please note that the website is not searchable so you need to know the item numbers for your purchase in advance. You can shop on to identify the items you want to purchase, take note of the item numbers, and order them at