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UNH Curriculum Management & Accreditation Guide

This version of the Curriculum Guide has been endorsed by the Faculty Senate and approved by the Provost.  Version 14 is now in use-- click here to download this document.
The Guide document file does not include all of the appendix material referenced in the body of the document.  Here are the listed appendices and links to available material they reference:
Curriculum Guide Appendices-Links to Additional Materials
Appendix A OHEFormats, Policy Documents, etc.
  The DHE "Regulations" can be found here. The format guides for various applications are available in "boilerplate" form from the Associate Provost for Accreditation.
Appendix B UNH Curriculum Management Forms
  Click here for "Curriculum Change Forms".
Appendix C UNH General Education "Core Curriculum" Policy
  Click here for Core document presently in effect.
It can be found on the UNH website here.
These courses satisfy the "Literature" requirement in the Core.
Appendix D Policy on the Advertising of Unlicensed, "In Process," and Modified Programs, and of Off-Campus Sites
  Click here for policy statement.
Appendix E Assessment Policy
  Refer to the Comprehensive Curriculum Assessment Plan Operational Manual.
Appendix F Forms for Budget & Finance Committee Review
  See this document for guidance.
Appendix G Policy & Procedure for Approval of Academic Service Learning Courses
  Click here for policy and procedure approved 2008.
Appendix H Transfer Policy and Form
  Note that the Coordinated Course procedure is no longer in effect. Please refer instead to the policy and form for approving transfer courses for matriculated students.
Appendix I Policy and Procedures for Experiential Learning Projects
  Under Construction
Appendix J Independent Study and Thesis Forms
  Graduate: Use form as indicated here.
Undergraduate: Use form provided by department chair.
Appendix K Policy and Procedures for Course Substitutions for Students with Disabilities
  Click here for P&P approved December 2008.