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Policies and Procedures

GPA Requirement

Students are placed on academic probation when they fail to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average in accordance with the following satisfactory progress scale:

Cumulative grade point average of 1.75 for 3 to 27 credits attempted;
Cumulative grade point average of 1.85 for 28 to 57 credits attempted;
Cumulative grade point average of 2.0 for 58 or more credits attempted.


Satisfactory Academic Progress

Full-time undergraduates must successfully complete a minimum of 24 credits per academic year in order to be maintaining satisfactory progress.  Full-time undergraduate students who attend for only one term during the academic year must complete a minimum of 12 credits.  All other students must successfully complete the credits for which financial aid has been awarded as stated on their award.

“Successful completion” is defined as the receipt of a passing letter grade (A+ to D-) and does not include the receipt of an F (Failure), INC (Incomplete), DNA (Did Not Attend), W (Withdrawal), or U (Unsatisfactory).  The requirements for good academic standing are described in the “Academic Regulations” section of the undergraduate and graduate catalogs.


Credit Hour Restriction

In order to allow sufficient time to devote to each course students who are on academic probation are limited to a course load not to exceed four courses (13 credits).  Many students attempt to recover from a poor semester by taking an extremely heavy schedule and not having adequate time to devote to each class, so that none of the classes go well. At four courses or 13 credit hours, most students have enough time to attend class, study hard, improve their performance, and stay in school. You may find that the credits you are already registered for exceed your designated course load max. If this is the case you will want to meet with an academic advisor as soon as possible to discuss necessary schedule changes.


Summer/Winter Courses

In order to earn credits to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress, many students will choose to take summer or winter intercession courses. These courses can be taken at the University of New Haven or at an accredited institution near your permanent residence. If you take the course at the University of New Haven, you will earn credits and your final grade WILL impact your Grade Point Average which is helpful if your grade point average is under a 2.0. Retaking a course that you earned a "D" or an "F" in will also help raise your GPA, but you should consult your academic advisor before doing so.

However, if you do not take the course at UNH you will only receive the credit and not the grade. Prior to registering for any course outside the university, please consult your academic advisor and fill out a Transfer Course Authorization Form, gaining approval that the course will be accepted for credit upon completion. In order to earn credit from any outside institution you must earn a “C” (not C-) or higher.

The decision on whether to take summer course here or somewhere else will depend on cum GPA and earned credit hours. Students should take the course at UNH if they need the course to improve their GPA. Students who have at least a 2.0 (or required GPA) may choose to take the course elsewhere and transfer the credit back only.

Meeting with a Success Advisor

We believe it is important to connect with a Success Advisor the first 10 days of a new semester. For this reason, it is required to meet with a Success Advisor in the Center for Student Success or you will be dropped from all registered courses.