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Starfish Early Alert

The Center for Student Success is now using Starfish as the Early Alert program to assist undergraduate students.  Our commitment is to student success and retention, a goal that requires the cooperation of the entire University of New Haven community.  Starfish Early Alert was implemented to identify students potentially at risk for academic, social, financial and/or personal reasons and to provide them with the resources necessary for a positive college experience.  The Starfish Early Alert offers faculty and staff an additional tool to reinforce retention efforts while helping students achieve academic success. This program allows coordination between the Center for Student Success support team and faculty/staff in an effort to be proactive, supportive, and actively involved in the academic success component of student retention.

The purpose of this form is to identify and effectively intervene with students who are exhibiting "at-risk" behaviors. Our support team utilizes an intensive and comprehensive intervention strategy to teach students academic success skills and encourage positive academic behaviors.

Starfish Early Alert referral process works as follows:

A.     Identifying the student

  • Faculty/Staff will identify students who are experiencing academic difficulties or potentially at-risk
  • Faculty will raise a Starfish Early Alert flag through their Starfish account located on the Blackboard homepage. 

B.     Notifying the student

Our support team reviews the flag, contacts the student via email encouraging an individual meeting to discuss the alert. During consultation with a student, the support team will address why the student is struggling and may make referrals to other campus resources. Some resources include: Counseling Center, Center for Learning Resources, Accessibility Resource Center, Career Development Center, Financial Aid Office, and Marvin K. Peterson Library.   

C.    Notifying the faculty/staff  

The Starfish flag that was raised will be updated with a note to inform the faculty/staff member of the outcome of the meeting with the student and/or appropriate support service referrals that the student received. 

  1. Submit an Early Alert

    Identify students who are potentially at-risk to provide them with the resources necessary for a positive college experience!

    Learn more about submitting an Early Alert through Starfish.

    Click here to submit an Early Alert in Starfish.