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Would you Benefit from a Success Advisor?

Take the Quiz to Find Out if meeting with a Success ADvisor is for You!

Rate yourself on each of the elements below:


4= Almost

 3= Sort of

 2= Not so much

1= Not at all

1. ___ I have a workable schedule for study and other aspects of my life.
2. ___ I learned good study skills in high school so that I never got below a B on a test.
3. —- I am ready for college level in all my courses.
4. ___ I know how to operate a syllabus: I know how to translate the information into a plan so that I am never surprised by a due date and never have to stay up late to finish an assignment.
5. ___ I know how to get the information I need from a textbook, so that the information on tests is always what I studied.
6. ___ I am calm during tests.
7. ___ I have had positive experiences with study groups and know how to create them for my classes.
8. ___ I enjoy being in class.
9. ___ I got all A’s and B’s in high school.
10. ___ I have a planner or calendar and a system for operating it which I use every day.
11. ___I know how to prepare for tests so I get A’s on all of them.
12. ___ I regularly get help from teachers and/or tu-tors.
13. ___ I understand what it takes to learn and not just memorize.
14. ___ I usually work ahead in some classes so if something happens in my life, I won’t get behind.
15. ___I have test-taking strategies that result in A’s and B’s.
16. ___ I have clear goals for my education.
17. ___ I am able to focus and learn well even when I don’t like the subject or the teacher.
18. ___ I am willing and able to put in the time to achieve my educational goals.
19. ___ I use an effective note-taking system.
20. ___ I always ask questions in class.

Answer Key:

  • If your score is between 20 and 40, run, don’t walk to the Center for Student Success to sign up for a meeting with your Success Advisor!
  • If your score is between 41 and 64, meeting with a Success Advisor will greatly improve your likelihood of success.
  • If your score is between 65 and 84, you’ve got a good foundation for success, but research has shown that you will benefit from at least three sessions with a Success Advisor during the first six weeks of classes.
  • If your score is between 85 and 100, You are most likely to using a Success Advisor or tutor when you need one.
  • If you score a 3 or below on any question , it’s a good idea to get Success Advisor for the skill related to the question.