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2009 Research Fellowship

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Participants 2009


  Title of SURF Project Faculty/Student Name Majors (Student)
1 The effect of the belief in free
will on the interpretation of
others’ moral behavior
 Faculty: Alex Guzman
Student: Andrew Mahoney
 Psychology and
Criminal Justice
2 Chemical Systems and Thermal
Cycling; Development of Computational
Models for the Design of Micro-reactors
Faculty: Pauline Schwartz
and Carl Barrett
Student: Matt Cherubini
Chemical Engineering
3 Computational Models of
Chemical Evolution: The Role of Thermal Cycling in Breaking
Chiral Symmetry with Application
to Pre-biotic Chemistry
Faculty: Pauline Schwartz
and Carl Barrett
Student: Dante Lepore
 Biochemistry and
Forensic Science
4 Green Fluorescent Protein Constructs

Faculty: Michael Rossi
Student: Chuong Nguyen

 BS Biotechnology
5 Population structure of the snail
Melamupus bidenatatus ion
relation to sea-level rise
effects on salt marshes
Faculty: Roman Zajac
Student: Ivana Espinosa
 Marine Biology
6 Development of Genetic Markers
for Polydora cornuta (Annelida:
Polychaeta) for population
ecology studies – Phase II
Faculty: Roman Zajac
Student: Jamie Maziarz
 Science and
7 Exploring a material’s heat
transfer capabilities in order
to improve the computing power
of a personal computer

Faculty: Saion Sinha
and Ewa Kirkor
Student: Michael Taylor

8 Creating swarm intelligence for
robotic coordinated movement
Faculty: Christopher Martinez
Student: Colton Murphy
 Electrical and
Computer Engineering
9 Novel genetic markers
for Borrelia burgdorferi
biofilm formation
Faculty: Eva Sapi
Student: Kyrle Luth
 Forensic Science
and Biology
10 Styela clava as a
Faculty: Carmela Cuomo
Student: Samantha Davidson
 Marine Biology
11 Aquaculture of Limulus
polyphemus, a biomedically
important organism: Captive
Spawning & Larval Grow-Out
Faculty: Carmela Cuomo
Student: Katherine Oren
 Marine Biology
12 Determining the caliber
of a weapon by
studying  nanoparticles
of gunshot residue
Faculty: Saion Sinh
Student: Robert Harvey III
 Forensic Science
and Chemistry
13 Bias and the homicide
investigation: does victim race affect detective decision making?
Faculty: David Schroeder
Student: Andrew Myruski
 Criminal Justice
14 Exploring sustainability in the
hospitality industry: An
examination of current go
green practices among
the top fifty U.S. hotels

Faculty: Juline Mills
Student: Dipti Gawankar
and Jai Rathore

 Hospitality and
Tourism and Bio Technology
15 Exploring the relationship
between economics and human trafficking: Can economic policy
improve victims’ lives?
Faculty: Mario Gaboury
and Christopher Sedelmaier
Student: Stacey McMillin
 Criminal Justice