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SURF Application Materials & Forms

The Office of the Provost is pleased to announce the 2017 student Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program. 2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of the program, and each year has built on the success of the previous years.


To provide opportunities for students to learn research skills and engage in the experience of applied research under the mentorship of a faculty member.  The  process involves developing a research proposal, conducting a research project, and participating in seminars and other activities planned to strengthen the community of student researchers.  Participants will disseminate their research findings at a Research Symposium Poster Presentation in the fall term and also will write a final abstract or other approved product.  The SURF program supports mentoring, engagement, experiential learning and persistence.

How to Identify a Faculty Mentor:

Students may ask any faculty member in their own or another major to serve as a faculty mentor.   Search previous projects to get a sense of faculty interests or see the list of faculty who have indicated an interest in mentoring.  Faculty who are interested in serving as mentors may encourage their students to submit applications to SURF. If you are having difficulty identifying a faculty mentor for your project you may wish to speak with the department chair for your major, contact the SURF program, or speak with previous SURF recipients about their experiences.

Start early!  Your mentor can help you explore options for research projects as well as developing the application proposal. 


Application Process:

Although the student and faculty member(s) are expected to co-submit their proposal, it is expected that the student will write it.  Up to two students may work with one faculty member.  Faculty/student co-submission ensures faculty oversight and commitment if the proposal is accepted.  Faculty members may team with student majors from colleges other than their own and students may have co-mentors.

The proposals are reviewed and awards made by a committee, chaired by the SURF Coordinator, with faculty scholars from each college and university administrative staff.                          

The 2017 application deadline is Monday, February 27th. See main SURF page for dates and times for Information Sessions.

2017 Application Guidelines

       How will my application be scored?

2017 Application Form

Projects will not be eligible simultaneously for honors theses or senior projects or other academic credit.  However students may continue the research initiated under SURF in preparation for Honors theses and similar coursework, subject to relevant policy.
Students must be in good academic and conduct standing as of the review period.

Projects involving human subjects or animals must be approved by the appropriate university committee prior to any research being conducted.

The student fellowship award includes these elements:
  • A $3,000 stipend for each student and an award certificate upon successful completion of the program.  The SURF program is a full-time commitment.
  • Special mention on the co-curricular transcript as “Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow.”
  • A $1,500 stipend for each faculty member for each student supervised.
  • Optional no-fee student housing in the University of New Haven residence halls for the SURF summer period, approximately May 31 - August 5, 2017.
  • An allowance for research supplies and library resources will be available.
  • Participation in seminars and other networking events and activities.
  • Required participation in a September 2017 “Research Day” event, which will include poster displays and demonstrations or descriptions as appropriate.
  • A final paper or other approved final product.
  • Participation in at least one Admissions or other event during the 2017-18 academic year, to be scheduled by the Dean’s Office of the college in which the student is enrolled.
  • Participation in the SURF Program will be indicated on students' Academic Transcripts as a non-credit course.