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Current SURF Projects

Overview of the SURF Program:

With the guidance of their Faculty Mentors, students will work on research projects in a wide range of areas, including the social sciences, the natural sciences, and arts and humanities. 

Once their research is complete, students will participate in Research Poster Presentation Day, where they will present their findings to other students, faculty, staff and guests of UNH.

Weekly Seminars will be held throughout the summer to provide students with even more opportunities to learn and grow through networking, sharing their experiences, and learning about their colleagues' areas of interest.  Guest speakers will also attend the seminars to discuss their own research and professional accomplishments.  These activities will offer students a unique, educational and professional experience that will help them attain their academic and professional goals in the future.   



(Refer to this page to stay up to date on the most current information about events, workshops, and deadlines.)

- There will be no Weekly Seminar Meeting on Wednesday, July 1st. 

 - Beginning in 2015, participation in the SURF Program will be indicated on students' Academic Transcripts as a non-credit course.


Weekly Seminars

Wednesdays in Buckman Hall, 120
Times will vary, but we will typically meet between 11:30 AM - 1:30 or 2:30 PM
*Please keep in mind that dates and times may change, but all SURF students and Faculty Mentors will be notified in advance.

June 3rd

11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

- Carol Withers, Janice Sanderson & Erica Dafilis
Experiential Education at UNH; SURF as a pillar of EE
- Thad Henry, Special Executive Assistant to the President
- Faculty Mentors

Maximizing your SURF Experience
- Dr. Chris Haynes, Political Science
- Getting Acquainted: Ice Breaker Activities



June 10th

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Research Design
- What are the questions you are attempting to answer?  What tools will you use?  How will you know if you have answered those questions?
- Dr. Dequan Xiao, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
- Dr. Mary Isbell, English
- Dr. Nikodem Poplawski, Physics and Math
- Student group discussions facilitated by faculty mentors

Prep Activity:
- Complete a copy of the Research Design Questionnaire form and bring it with you to the workshop.

Distinguishing Qualitative Research from Other Forms of Empirical Research
Research Methods Definitions


June 17th 

11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Intellectual Property (IP) and Technology Transfer

- Ben Muskin, Technology Transfer Consultant and Advisor for UNH
- Hanko Dobi, University Librarian
Responsible Conduct in Research
- Dr. Summer McGee, Management
- Dr. Alexandria Guzman (IRB), Psychology 
- Dr. John Kelly (IACUC), Biology
- Case studies and small group discussions with presenters and faculty mentors facilitating. 
- Share conclusions with larger group. 

Prep Activity:
- Complete the on-line CITI RCR tutorial prior to this session. 
- Click here for CITI Training Link. 
- Click here for instructions. 


IRB Presentation

Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals
-  Usually simply referred to as “The Guide”, this reference sets the standard for animal care, housing, and use in the United States
Institutional Animal Care and Use  Committee Guidebook 
-  The Office of Lab Animal Welfare (a division of the NIH Public Health Service), guidebook for the implementation of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees 


June 24th

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Building on your SURF experience
Career Development - Dina Wulinsky
- Resumes – how to frame your SURF experience
SURF Alums
- The benefits and impact of SURF
Scholarships and Fellowships - Carol Withers
- Fellowship Web Site & Other External Opportunities
Provost’s Discretionary Funds for Conference Travel
Mid-point reflection – how are we doing?
Small group activity focusing on resumes, with facilitation by Career Development and Faculty Mentors

Prep Activity:
- Bring a paper copy of your resume for review

Presentation - Resumes & SURF Experience
Presentation - Building on Your SURF Experience