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Faculty Research Programs


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University Research Scholars

The university created a new faculty classification entitled University Research Scholar in the 2006-07 academic year.  Appointment is for a three-year term and is intended to recognize scholars for their special contributions to the university and their academic disciplines.  With this recognition, the university will also provide additional support for its University Research Scholars to undertake activity that will ensure ongoing research productivity at UNH.  University Research Scholars have a reduced teaching load in order to devote more time to their research project under the program.  In addition, a supply budget is provided to facilitate the faculty member’s research.


Congratulations to the Fall 2011 Recipients

George Haley (F11-S14)
College of Business: Marketing Department; Director of the Center for International Industry Competitiveness

Judy Randi (F11-S14)
College of Arts and Sciences; Education Department
Dr. Randi's research program focuses on applications of theoretical principles and research-based interventions in particular teaching situations. The focus of her current research is a collaborative project with colleagues at the Yale Child Study Center (YCSC) and the Yale Center for British Art (YCBA), studying how classroom teachers incorporate visual literacy into their curricula, using the YCBA’s innovative, theory-based approach for promoting primary students’ literacy development through visual literacy activities.   As a qualitative researcher, she has been contributing to the project by conducting interviews with children to study their cognitive processes as they transition from visual literacy activities to verbalizing their thoughts, and finally to expressing their thoughts in writing.   Another component of her research involves documentation and description of teachers’ innovative practices. Studying the implementation of this visual literacy project extends her research program, which has focused on “collaborative innovation” – a process in which teachers and researchers work together to document the innovative instructional practices that teachers invent consistent with psychological theory yet attuned to the individual differences of their students and teaching situations.

Ramesh Sharma (F11-S14; F07-S10)
College of Arts and Sciences, Mathematics Department
Investigation of conformal symmetries of space-times (in particular, solutions of Einstein's field equations of general relativity) and contact Riemannian manifolds. Initiated the study of Ricci solitons within the frame-work of contact geometry, and obtained several interesting results. Achieved an important relationship between the Weyl conformal tensor of synchronous spacetimes and Ricci curvature of spatial slices. Currently, exploring the evolution of spacetimes through Hamilton's Ricci-flow, and a generalization of two classical contact Riemannian structures.


Kamal Upadhyaya (F11-S14; F07-S10)
Dr. Upadhyaya’s current research areas include International Economics, Development Economics, Applied Econometrics and Public Choice. His works have appeared in Applied Economics, Economics Letters, Economic Inquiry, European Journal of Development Research,  Journal of Development Studies, International Trade Journal, Public Choice and Resource and Energy Economics among others. He has served as reviewer for Applied Economics, Australian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Bulletin of Economic Research, Eastern Economic Journal, Economics Letters, Economics and Governance, Journal of Applied Economics, Journal of Agriculture and Applied Economics, Journal of Economics and Finance, Journal of International Money and Finance, International Economic Journal, Journal of Applied Statistics, and International Review of Economics and Finance.



Carmela Cuomo (F10-S13)
College of Arts and Sciences; Biology & Environmental Sciences
Marine biology;


Jiajuan Liang (F10-S13)
College of Business; Quantitative Analysis
 Statistical Modeling for Quantitative Finance and Risk Management, and Two-level Statistical Models and Their Applications in Quantitative Business Research;  Application of Generalized Probability Distributions in Finance and Insurance Modeling;  Statistical Simulation and Bootstrapping Techniques in Modeling Financial Data


Eva Sapi (F10-S13)
College of Arts and Sciences; Biology & Environmental Sciences
Lyme Disease


Pauline Schwartz (F10-S13)
Tagliatela College of Engineering; Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Research interests include designing and exploring novel computational models of chemical systems.  Current studies in collaboration with Dr. Carl Barratt are investigating prebiotic chemistry – the chemistry to generate the chiral building blocks necessary for life and the evolution of metabolic systems from simple chemical cycles. 


Saion Sinha (F10-S13)
College of Arts and Sciences: Physics

Cheng Lu Wang (F10-S13)
College of Business; Marketing

Roman Zajac (F10-S13)

College of Arts and Sciences; Biology & Environmental Sciences


Anshuman Prasad (F09-S12)
College of Business; Management

R. Laurence Davis (F08-S11)
College of Arts and Sciences; Biology & Environmental Sciences

 Applications for University Research Scholars for three year terms commencing each fall are accepted during the spring semester.