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Honors Student Council

University of New Haven Honors Student Council

The Honors Student Council is a student-run organization affiliated with the Honors Program. It is recognized by the Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA) as an official student organization. The Honors Student Council has its own elected officers, holds regular meetings, oversees its own budget, and plans events both for the Honors Program and for the campus as a whole. Previous events have included film screenings, community service projects, and the International Food Festival. Students interested in joining the Honors Student Council should contact the President at

Academic Year 2013-2014 Officers

Lauren Kircher (class of 2015, Marine Biology) - President

Stephen Shepherd (class of 2016, Forensic Science and Chemistry) - Vice President

Denise Williams (class of 2015, Forensic Science and Chemistry) - Treasurer

Jessica Imperato (class of 2015, Forensic Science and Biology) - Executive Assistant

Danielle Perry (class of 2015,Marine Biology) - Sergeant-at-Arms