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2011-2012 Honors Thesis

Name Title of Thesis Thesis Advisor
Elizabeth Akinbiyi The Role of Smoking in Acute Pancreatitis Charles Vigue
Kelsey Baker Protein Purification of Post Mortem Blood Samples for use in CDT Analysis Tim Palmbach
Amanda Brown Risk Management Concerns in Structural Fire Training Martin O'Connor
Victoria Butrick The Effects of Extraneous Information in Fingerprinting Analysis Fadia Narchet
Sam Claver Social Media and Its Impact on Communication Randall Horton
Judy Costa The Impact of Over-the-Counter Products on Saliva Alcohol Levels Virginia Maxwell
Stephan Cunningham Nanobiosensors Through the Use of Carbon Nanotubes Saion Sinha
Samantha Drotar Emotion and Opinion: An Assessment of the Attitudes of College Students Regarding Ex-Offenders David Schroeder
Megan Fimbel Examination of Paper Coatings Using X-Ray Diffraction and Scanning Electron Microscopy Virginia Maxwell
Megan Fitzsimmons DNA Degradation: Effects on DNA Testing and Generating a Genetic Profile Michael Adamowicz
Christopher Gibney Validations of Presumptive Urine Card Tests Peter Massey
Danielle Gorka Quantitative Measurement of Enzyme Activity Loss on Bio Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles Nancy Ortins-Savage
Cathy Halla Detection of a Mutation in the Adenomatous Polyposis (APC) Gene Charles Vigue
Ryan Hankard Drunk Driving Among College Students: A Look Into the Recent Research and Prevention Strategies John DeCarlo
Bethany Hanson Social Media and Social Networking: Enabling Revolutions in the Modern Era Brett McCormick
Kimberly Harman Conficker: Successes and Failures William Tafoya
Joseph Hawthorne Evaluation of Analytical Methods of the Quantification of BPA in Consumer Products Jason White
Megan Herrmann The Regression and/or Role-Reversal of Women with Men in Today's Society, as Evident in Pop Culture Dianne Russo
Ashley Hertzman History of the Cannabis Strain "White Widow" via Internet Search Heather Coyle
Alysha Hines Which Processing Technique of Gentian Violet on Tape Evidence Gives the Most Effective Results? Amy Dorsey
Sarah Hosford Steroid Hormone Implants in Beef Cattle: Endocrine Disruption Effects on Adjacent Aquatic Populations Cheryl Lyon
Venesia Hurtubise Extraction and Analysis of Phytolacca Americana Oil's Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) by Transesterification Eddie Luzik
Stephanie Marco Identification of Ketamine in Malt Beverages Commonly Used in Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault Using Handheld Raman Spectroscopy Virginia Maxwell
Gisselle Murillo How Can 3rd Place Theory be Applied in Interior Design? Jaime Lynn Slenker
Sean Murphy Private Military Contractors in Warfare William Tafoya
Ashley Niro Visual Music: A Connection Between Music and Graphic Design Todd Jokl
Kristine Olli Effects of Hypoxiaon HSP70 in Brook Trout Rosemary Whelan
Molly Perry Cost-Effectiveness of the AMBER Alert System Maria Tcherni
Brittani Piekarski Implicit Theories Behind Causation of Criminal Behavior Maria Tcherni
Erin Provost Do Women Belong?: College Students' Views of Women in Police Work Leila Dutton
Jai Rathore BAX is the Major Pro-Apoptotic Protein in MDS-MB-231 Cancer Cells with 5-FU Treatment Michael Rossi
Ashli Ridolphi The Recovery and Identification of Cannabinoids from FTA Cards Used to Sample Marijuana Howard Harris
Mackenzie Roeder A Case Study of Rhabdomyosarcoma and its Presentation in Adults Donna Rhoades-Frost
Megan Rowe The Effect of New Government and Policy Changes on Accounting Standards and Practices Since the Enron-Anderson Scandal Michael Rolleri
Anne Marie Sheerin The Effect of Varied Stress Levels on Memory Recall of Emotional Words Alexandria Guzman
Jessie Simpson The History of Religion in Wallingford, Connecticut Paulette Pepin
Holly Stradczuk The Psychopathology of Illegal Hacking Shannon Jackson
Sabina Sujak The Analysis of Potential and Current Differential DNA Extraction in Sexual Assault Investigations Michael Adamowicz
Katherine Szabo Homosexuality in 19th Century British Literature Donald M. Smith
Katherine Wall Evaluation of the Periodic Test Results of Dräger Alcotest® 6810, Dräger Alcotest® 6510, Dräger Alcotest® 7410 Plus, Intoximeter Alco-Sensor®, Lifeloc FC10, Lifeloc FC 20, Intoxilyzer® 300, Intoxilyzer® 400, Intoxilyzer® 400PA, and Intoxilyzer® S-D5 in use at Massachusetts Police Departments Fred Smith
Nicole Wendel How Does Art Therapy Improve a Child's Physical, Mental and Emotional Well-Being? Matthew Solomon