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2012-2013 Honors Thesis

2012-2013 Honors Thesis
Name Title of Thesis Thesis Advisor
Meghan   Avery The Impact of Sexual Victimization and Fifty Shades of Grey on College Students' BDSM Sexual Behaviors Leila Dutton
Matthew Boczar The   Impact of Minor League Baseball Teams on Local Economies Kevin Mongeon
Kevin Boettger

Using Impulse Response Technology to Sonically Recreate the Tonal Characteristics of Analog Microphones

Chris Reba
Amber Bonds The Genetic Interactions Between RNA Polymerase II and Transcription Factor Mutations Heather Coyle
Thomas Brandien Social Power and Individual Identity in Kafka's Short Fiction Meg Savilonis
Joseph Brown An   Assessment of the Variability of the Ratio of DNA in Cell Free Nucleic Acids   to Cellular DNA in Low Template Analysis Samples Michael Adamowicz
Deanna Calabrese The Detection and Characterization of the DNA Inhibitory Agent Found in Carpet Backing and the Effect of Cleaning Solutions Michael Adamowicz
Timothy Callahan Increased PCR Cycles, Post PCR   Purification, and Their Effect on Low Copy Number DNA Heather Coyle
John Capozzo Active Vibration Control System Jean Nocito-Gobel
Dana Carabillo Synthesis,   Characterization, and Thermal Reactions of Some Iridium (III) complexes   containing the Ligand B, B', B"-Triaminotreithylamine Michael Saliby
Victoria Carnera A Comparative Analysis of the Sexual Offender Registries in the 50 U.S. States and Territories Fadia Narchet
Tess Carroll Analysis of the Fluoride Uptake by Commercially Available Rice Michael Saliby
Liana Conklin Integrity   Within Law Enforcement: It's Importance and How Departments are Retaining It Martin O'Connor
Sarah Dougherty Do Victims of Acquaintance Rape Report Higher Rates of Depression? Tracy Tamborra
Thomas Dulovic Teacher's Observation of Students Utilizing the Graphic Calculator in the Classroom Roger Fiondella
Lori Farruggia

The Power of Place: How can interior design enhance  branding in the corporate environment to foster employee creativity and productivity?

Jamie Slenker
Elizabeth Field

Regulating "Pink Collar" Work: How Corporations Manipulated the Perception and Appearance of Female Workers to Benefit Business, 1940-1990

Catherine Page
Kaitlin Fish Mutations   in the Tbx5 protein, associated with Holt-Oram Syndrome, as a possible   diagnosis for a stillborn fetus Severina Haddad
Victoria Ford The   Judicial Evaluation of Capital Punishment in America Joshua Sandman
Abigail Freyer Electrospinning   Silica for Use in the Thin Layer Chromatography Nancy Savage
Lauren Jacobson Adverse Pancreatic Effects of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonists and Dipeptidyl-peptidase-4 Inhibitors: A Case Study and Review of the Literature Cheryl Lyon
Nathan Lacey The Power of a Concept Album: The Profitability and Success Rate of a Concept Album as Compared to a Traditional Album Victor Markiw
Laura McLoughlin Don't let the Bed Bugs Bite: An Analysis of Proactive Pest Control Practices in the Lodging Industry Juline Mills
Brandy Morneau  Chiral Symmetry Breaking: A Biosignature for Life? Pauline Schwartz
Megan Penney Use of Force in Canine Policing in Comparison to Tasers Michael Jenkins
Leah Persaud Investigating the Ability of a Highly Specific DNA Nicking Endonuclease, TALE4(28)-MutHY212C Fusion Protein,  to Nick Plasmid DNA Charles Vigue
Christopher Powers The   Detection of Illicit Drugs on Currency Bills from the Three Cities in   Southern Ecuador by Ion-Trap Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry Fred Smith
Ashlee Racow The Effectiveness of Mandatory Repeat Offender Sentencing Laws: A Comparative Analysis of Select States, and an Alternative Program Proposal Michael Clark
Adam Ragusa

Exploring Gender and Gender Roles of Men Through Subcultural behaviors and Interests Exploring Gender Roles Among Men

Jeffrey Debies-Carl
Alessandra Rinaldi The Analysis and Quantification of Semen in the Vaginal Vault Post Coitus Peter Massey
Jennie Roth The   "Listen-Ability" of Political Convention Speeches: Bringing   Relevancy to the Current Evaluation System Martha Dumas
Kristen Schmicker

Humpback Whale (Megatera Novaeangliae) Distribution on Stellwagen Bank (New England, USA)

Paul Bartholomew
Shaun Sintic The   Creation and Sustainment of a Nonprofit Record Label Murray Krugman
Stephanie Smith

The Use of DNA Methylation to Differentiate Between Male and Female Tissues

Heather Coyle
Dominique Stasulli Optimizing   Retrieval Techniques for DNA Extractions in Trace Evidence Michael Adamowicz
Morgan Streit Creating   Fingerprint Standards Using an Inkjet Printer Harold Harris
Jennie Stremlo A   Study in the Efficiency of Supercriticalfluid CO2 Extraction of Seed Oils for Biofuel Production Eddie Luzik
Kirsten Surdej Women,   Digital Retouching, and Social Cynicism: An Analysis Jeffrey Debies-Carl
Carrie Thomas Detection of   the Inhibitory Compound Present in Aged and Degraded Carpet Backing Michael   Adamowicz
Samantha Tilton Motivations   for Video Game Play and Civic Engagement Melissa Whitson
Jonathan Voss

Mass Spectrometric Determination of Controlled Substances on Northern Ecuadorian Banknotes

Fred Smith
Jeffrey Young Drag Reduction Through the Use of Dimpled Patches on the UNH Supermileage Care - A CFD study Maria-Isabel Carnasciali
Rebekah Ziegman Activity of Red Lionfish (Pterois volitans) Venom Carmela Cuomo