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Registration Videos and Information

Current Students

Registering for classes begins with signing into InsideUNH ( and selecting the Banner Self Service icon (SSB).  Links to several short videos are available below to help you with different aspects of the registration process:


New Graduate Students

New students who have not completed the application process or who have applied too late for an admission decision may, in some programs, register for the upcoming term as in-process students.  Please contact the Graduate Admissions Office at (203) 932-7440 or (203) 932-7449 for registration information.  Prospective students in this status are required to have earned an undergraduate degree and must submit an application form, the application fee, and a copy of their undergraduate transcript prior to or at the time of registration.

Students who register as in-process students are advised that a decision regarding acceptance into a degree program will be delayed until all application materials and credentials have been received by the Graduate Admissions Office.  Permission to register as an in-process student does not guarantee admission to the graduate school.  No late fee is assessed for new students.

New or Former Undergraduate Students

New students who have not previously enrolled in courses at UNH or former students returning to UNH should contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to obtain information and an application.  To contact the admissions office, call (203) 932-7319 or email  You will receive registration information and instructions upon completion of the acceptance process.

Former students who are returning to UNH after an absence of one year or more must reapply by completing an application and paying the application fee.  Students who return to UNH after an absence of two years or more must resubmit official transcripts from all prior college courses.  To register online, follow the instructions indicated in the letter you receive upon completion of the acceptance process.