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Academic Schedules & Registration

At UNH, we offer graduate and undergraduate courses in a variety of formats - semester, trimester, cohort, weekend, and online, to name a few.

At the graduate level, traditional courses are offered in three thirteen-week trimesters (fall, winter, and spring) and an intensive summer term. In addition, many graduate courses are offered on selected weekends, in a cohort format, or in online or hybrid format.

At the undergraduate level, traditional courses are offered in fifteen-week semesters (fall and spring), an intensive intersession term between fall and spring, and two intensive summer terms. In addition, many undergraduate courses are offered in online or hybrid format.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are no longer separate undergraduate accelerated terms and courses. All undergraduate courses are listed in the regular fall and spring academic schedules.

To view course schedules, please choose the appropriate term from the list below.

Course Schedules and Registration Information
Graduate Undergraduate
Fall 2014 Graduate  
Fall 2014
  Intersession 2015 
Spring 2015 Graduate
Spring 2015 Undergraduate
Summer 2015 Graduate Summer 2015 Undergraduate
*Note:  The assignment of instructors to classes may be subject to change.  The University reserves the right to divide, cancel, or reschedule classes or programs if enrollment or other factors require.