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Writing Proficiency Examination (WPE)

The Writing Proficiency Exam for Fall 2014

Dates will be announced in September.

What is it?

The WPE is a timed writing test that all UNH Undergraduates must pass in order to graduate.

Here is what you will see when you log into Blackboard on the day you take the test:

Write an essay of 400 or more words on one of the topics (to be given the day of the test).  You should write for a college audience.  In evaluating the argument you make, your readers will be interested in its development (unity of purpose, variety of support) and its organization (purposeful paragraph content and order).  They will also be interested in the correctness of your writing (mature sentence structure, punctuation, grammar/diction and spelling). To pass, an essay must score Satisfactory (S) on all three criteria: development, organization, and correctness.

As you can see, since you have written such essays before, the test does not require any special preparation.  If you like, you can simply review one or two of the argumentative essays you wrote for your composition course.

When am I eligible to take it?

Any undergraduate with 57 or more earned credits may register to take the WPE. Note: It is a good idea to take the test as soon as you are eligible.

How is the test administered?

You will take the test on a computer in one of the university computer labs.  The test will be accessed via Blackboard.

How much time do I have to complete the exam?

Every student will have 90 minutes to complete the testing steps: access the prompt, write the essay, and upload it.

How and when are results communicated?

Depending on the number of students taking the test in a given semester, grades will be posted to Blackboard within four or five weeks. Students will access their grade (S for Satisfactory or U for Unsatisfactory) by clicking on the "My Grades" tool in Blackboard. At some point after, the grades will also appear in Banner.  An unsatisfactory (U) grade is reported to the student, the student's advisor, and the Center for Learning Resources (CLR).

Can the test be retaken?

Yes.  Students who do not pass the test will be referred to the CLR where they can receive support in preparing for an eventual retake.

How do students register for the WPE?

Students may register for "ENGL 3300 Writing Proficiency Exam" using Banner.  After you register you will see a section of ENGL 3300 with date, time and room added to your course list for that semester.   The registration window will be announced to students via email. 

Those students with a documented disability who need accommodations should contact Campus Access Services  to register for the exam. 

Questions about the WPE should be directed to Professor Richard Farrell, Department of English, Harugari Hall 300A, 203-932-7035.