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Consumer Information for Graduate Students

The information provided below is for graduate students.  Federal law requires a financial aid office to disclose the following information to families. If you should have any questions about the following information, you may contact a staff member in the Office of Financial Aid, 203-932-7315 or

Information regarding the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)

Financial Aid Information:

Information regarding University Costs

Information regarding Financial Aid Cost of Attendance

Description of Financial Aid programs (need based and non need based)

Terms and conditions under which students receive federal loans - Direct loans & Perkins loans

Information regarding need based & non need based state, local, school programs and private aid

Information regarding the Financial Aid application process

Information regarding how Financial Aid eligibility is determined

Information regarding how UNH distributes financial aid among students may be found at:  

Terms and conditions of Employment that is part of the Financial Aid package

Information regarding the terms of, schedules for and the necessity of loan repayment

Before borrowing from a federal student loan program, students must complete Loan Entrance Counseling so the student is informed of their rights and responsibilities in being a student loan borrower.  Loan Entrance Counseling for federal Direct student loans must be completed at the federal student loans website.   

Loan counseling for the federal Perkins loan must be completed.  Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

Loan Exit Counseling is a requirement for any student, who borrowed a federal Direct or Stafford student loan or federal Perkins loan that graduates, is no longer enrolled, or drops below a half-time status.  Loan Exit Counseling for Direct loans or federal Stafford loans must be completed at the National Student Loan Data System website.   The University of New Haven is the lender for the Perkins Loan.  Repayment information will be forwarded to students from our loan servicer, Campus Partners.  Students who have borrowed the Perkins Loan while attending the university will be contacted by Linda Heil in the Bursar's Office to complete their Loan Exit Counseling in person.

Criteria for Satisfactory Academic Progress and how to re-establish eligibility for financial aid 

Statement of the requirements for return of Federal Student Aid funds when a student withdraws from the university 

Information regarding the university Refund Policy

Academic Programs & Student Attainment Information:

Information regarding UNH's accreditation and the current reaccreditation information

Information regarding the special facilities and services available to disabled students at UNH

Information regarding the degree programs offered at UNH

Information regarding the certificate programs offered at UNH

Information regarding the instructional, laboratory, and other physical plant facilities associated with the academic programs at UNH

A list of the UNH faculty and other instructional personnel

Information regarding graduation and completion rates for UNH athletes and academic success rates for athletes 

UNH's Facilities, Services, & Campus Policies Information:

Information regarding campus security statistics  & campus security policies

UNH's missing persons procedures & the student's option to designate a contact person

Information regarding UNH's emergency response & evacuation procedures to reach students & staff

Information regarding UNH's fire safety report

Information regarding UNH's crime notifications

Clery Disclosure Information

UNH's policy regarding vaccinations required for full-time students

UNH's policy regarding vaccinations required for part-time students

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