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Dean Bandong Student
Dean Bandong '14

Dean is a sophomore management major with a minor in marketing. Originally from Long Island, New York, Dean has made the most of his time at UNH so far by getting involved in everything that the College of Business and our clubs and organizations have to offer.


What made you choose the UNH College of Business?

The location is perfect! It is just far enough from home without being too far. I was attracted to the size of the school. It is a close-knit community where you know your classmates and the faculty has a chance to actually get to know you. I have always been interested in business. You have to be a go-getter to succeed in any type of business. What you get out of a business situation is what you make of it. That is something that really drew me to a business major.


How has your experience been so far?

I have really enjoyed it. The faculty is very helpful. They know what they’re talking about—and not from reading a book, but from actually working in the business world. They are also wonderful about offering extra guidance whenever necessary. It has been great to learn innovative ways to make money from people who have already done it.


What clubs and organizations are you a part of and how have they helped?

I play for our men’s lacrosse club team, am a brother of Sigma Chi fraternity, and am a member of the Rotaract Club. Being involved in all these things has really helped me find my niche at UNH. Sigma Chi has helped me develop into a leader, and being involved in Rotaract has helped me get in touch with professionals in the area.


How has the College of Business changed since you started?

There are more opportunities to get involved with the faculty. They are very willing to stay late or come early to help shape my career and my college experience. They are willing to assist me whenever they can. I am also involved in the Corporate Challenge program. I am currently working with other business majors to develop an idea and its marketing strategy. We hope to advance in the competition to the state level and eventually earn funding for our idea.


What would you tell students?

Take advantage of everything the school has to offer. There are a ton of offices to help you once you’re here, like the Center for Learning Resources, the peer mentors program, and workshops sponsored by Career Services to show you how to write your resume and interview well. There are also emails sent out with job and internship opportunities. If you need help with something or are interested in something, there