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ALUMNI PROFILE: Nick Wedge '10; B.A. Psychology, MAIOP

Release Date:
2/8/2012 10:10 AM

University of New Haven: Nick Wedge


I attended UNH for both my undergraduate and graduate studies. Around my junior year as a psychology major, I looked into the master of arts program in industrial organizational psychology (MAIOP) and applied. After graduating with a B.A. in psychology, I went right into the MAIOP program and graduated in May 2010. I recently accepted the position of Director of Employee Development at ACA Inc., a financial company based in Tennessee. I’m also an external organizational development consultant at Facebook and the research lead for a Connecticut-based consulting firm called Grimes Consulting Group.

I landed the job at ACA Inc. pretty conveniently; there was a vacancy, and I had a few conversations with the chief operating officer before taking the offer. The job at Facebook came about through my first internship as a graduate student. I interned at Koanetic Consulting International, a consulting firm headed by Al Bhatt, who is a professor at UNH. He introduced me to a few people at Facebook; they hired me as an intern, and after graduation they kept me on as a consultant. Lastly, I got introduced to Michael Grimes when I was a guest speaker at UNH last spring. We had been in touch via LinkedIn, and he offered me the job.

College experiences helped to prepare me for “real life” as much as it can with career services and mandatory internship credits. I also made sure that I was clear and committed to what I wanted to pursue as a career after graduating. With all that, I was well aware that everyone in my class would be graduating with the same credential (i.e., diploma) as I would be, so I made it a point to network as much as I could early on as a graduate student.

Looking back, I think what I miss most about my undergraduate experience is the social element of meeting new people, the Bixler/Botwinik quad’s flooding with people after every Super Bowl and World Series, and trips off-campus.

Grad school was a different experience. My relationship with my peers was more professional, and I was around people who were interested in the same career goals. I think my favorite memories as a grad student are: working with Facebook and KCI, and being a part of UNH’s chapter of SHRM — a professional group that stands for Society for Human Resources Management.

The things I’d change about my experience at UNH are more like things that I’d change about the education system in general. I found UNH a genuinely great school to be a part of, and if it weren’t for those experiences, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today.