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Student Profile: John Capozzo '13

Release Date:
8/1/2012 9:00 AM

Mech. Engineering

Hometown: Milford, CT
Major: Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science
Year: Senior

What was the hardest part about making the transition from high school to UNH?

The most difficult thing for me regarding the transition from high school to college was letting go of all of the relationships I had made during high school and the years before. Being thrown into a much larger environment than you're used to with so many new people to meet and new relationships to foster is one of the most difficult aspects of making the transition, especially as a commuter student.

In your opinion, what is the greatest feature of UNH?

The best part of UNH is the size. It’s big enough so that you will always be meeting new individuals throughout your stay, but small enough where you still have that sense of community ownership and being part of the UNH family.

What is your favorite club/activity?

My favorite part of being a student at UNH had to have been my involvement in USGA as both a senator and exec Board member. The student government at UNH is very strong and very unique in comparison to the structure of student government at other Universities. I would recommend that every incoming student at least give USGA a try, as some of the most important real world lessons I have learned have been a result of my involvement with the UNH student government.

What are your future plans?

I volunteer for a non-profit basketball league in my town and my dream job would be to one day turn that into a paid career. Outside of that I hope to utilize my fields of study and obtain a job in the area of research and development at a company like Sikorsky or Google. What is your favorite UNH tradition? The Homecoming and spring week- end festivities on campus are my all time favorite UNH traditions. With everything that goes on during the year in class, extracurricular activities, and our personal lives, it's very easy to become overwhelmed. However, for these two weekends out of the year students can temporarily leave their stresses behind by spending the weekend with their friends and partaking in events such as tailgating for the football game or enjoying the big name artist at the annual spring Concert.