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Rising Star Award: Ron Pierce '15

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8/2/2012 12:00 AM

The spring semester for me at the University of New Haven has been an amazing experience. I have been incredibly blessed to be involved in the many events across campus and around the city of New Haven. I have also been extremely privileged to interact with award-winning professionals throughout the year. These people have imparted great knowledge and wisdom into my life that has helped me today and will help me well into my future.

Going into my freshman year I had one huge plan of action: meet as many experienced professionals as I can and pick their brains thoroughly. Going to UNH has allowed me to do that and more. Creating relationships with music professionals for ESPN and advertisement jingle composers for Fortune 500 companies has been invaluable. Talking to these people, who are fully immersed in the music and business world, has opened my eyes to music occupations I did not believe existed. Now instead of having one career path in mind, I am aware of multiple avenues that I can pursue with a music degree and a business degree.

One area I wanted to improve upon after first semester was my grades. To keep everything in honest perspective I did not do poorly first semester (I obtained a 3.1 grade point average), I just did not live up to the expectations of what I felt my success should have been. My viewpoint on failed goals is to strive for that goal with an even higher level of intensity when given another opportunity to achieve it. Having said that, I am proud to say that I made the Dean’s List for the second semester. This is something that, with constant hard work and dedication, I will do throughout the rest of my college career.

In addition to my continuous commitment to academic success, I have also involved myself in a plethora of on-campus activities. Through these activities I have been honored to receive the University of New Haven’s “Rising Star” award. This is an award that recognizes two freshmen and sophomore students for their service and involvement around the university community. I was truly humbled by this recognition and it has inspired me to continue doing great things. Not just around UNH but in the community of New Haven as a whole.

During the early half of the spring semester, I applied and received one of the 25 Resident Assistant (RA) positions that were open for the 2012-2013 school year. I will take on the role of the Music LLC (Living/Learning Community) RA! This means that all of the residents I have will be music majors like me. This allows us to connect and mentor our peers in a way that is greatly beneficial to the transition of the freshman students. Through this community, students are able to go and see the best of what the music industry has to offer. We will go on trips to Broadway shows, music studios, and even concert halls. The students will also have an opportunity to meet the professionals who put these world class events together. Receiving the Music RA position has been a blessing to me because it also will allow me to continue to explore the wonderful world of music and business while also giving back to my university.

I am very excited for this upcoming summer season. For the summer, I will be interning with University of Penn Health System and working in their registration department. I am very grateful for the opportunity and I am determined to learn as much as I possibly can while I am there. Also in the coming week, I will be working at the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival at Rodney Square in Wilmington, Delaware. This is the second year that I am working with them and I look to continue to develop great relationships and learn more about music during this wonderful week.

Ron Pierce will be entering his Sophomore year at the University of New Haven in August. He is from Claymont, Delaware.