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Are You Ready To Be Challenged?

Release Date:
8/2/2012 12:00 AM

by Ashley Abate, Admissions Counselor

The University of New Haven’s Honors Program is here for you! Under the direction of Dr. Matt Wranovix, this program provides exceptionally qualified and motivated undergraduates the opportunity to enrich their academic experience while studying at the university. Students who participate in the Honors Program take a total of four honors courses during their time at UNH. These courses are structured as multi-disciplinary team-taught seminars by some of the most creative faculty on campus.  Some courses that students have participated in are “Twilight of the Gods: The Music and Lyrics of the Beatles,” “Poetry in Motion,” and “Food and the Movies.”

Students within the Honors Program also partake in various co-curricular events. These events range from serious to fun! Previous trips have included Shakespeare in the Park, trips to the Windhorse International Horse Farm, lecturers, film nights with UNH professors, and trips to cultural sites in Connecticut and the Northeast. Also, those students who participate in the Honors Program during their freshman year are eligible to live in the Honors Living/Learning Community. Seniors that participate in the Honors Program complete a thesis, which is a work of original research that is completed under the direction of a faculty member within the student’s major.

All students admitted to the Honors Program are awarded an annual $1,000 scholarship as long as they remain in good academic standing within the program. In addition, sophomores and juniors can apply for the prestigious Hatfield Scholar Program.

Are you interested yet? Here’s how to apply!

Incoming freshmen who meet the requirements are invited to apply to the Honors Program during the admission process. There is a small application, additional essay on a specific topic, and letter of recommendation required. If you are interested in being a part of the program but don’t want to start during your first semester, current UNH students interested in the Honors Program can join provided they have a minimum 3.3 GPA and can apply into the program after the completion of their first semester.

For questions or to learn more about the Honors Program, please contact
program coordinator Lynne Resnick by email at