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It's Nearly Time!

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8/2/2012 12:00 AM

August 23rd is the date all high school graduates have been waiting for: move-in day at UNH! With unloading the cars and deciding which roommates sleep where, move-in day is a non-stop day.

The biggest question leading up to the big day is: what do I bring? An important piece of advice, speak to your roommates before move-in day – why bring two refrigerators or three microwaves when you don’t need them? Divvy everything up to make the move-in process much easier!

Things to definitely remember: your computer, all power cords, pillows, a fan (if you’re not living in New Hall with the AC), and your toothbrush. There is a Target and Walmart conveniently located up the road so if you happen to forget something, no worries!

The main thing to keep in mind is to have enough to get you through the first month. There are so many activities planned for you in August and September that you won’t want to have to make time to go home to pick up something you forgot!

Another important piece of advice is to pack lightly. That doesn’t mean you should bring nothing; that means you shouldn’t pack your boxes too heavily! We will have carts to help you load everything into your room in as few trips as possible, but you will still have to lift everything out after you get it in.

And the most important piece of advice: get ready to have fun! Welcome Week activities start the night you move in and will get you out of your room and meeting your new classmates!

For those of you who are moving in on August 23rd, all of the volunteers and staff can’t wait to see you! For those who are still in high school, you have so much fun to look forward to!