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Studying in Prato, Italy!

Release Date:
8/2/2012 12:00 AM

The University of New Haven is proud to announce that it will have its first international campus! Located in Prato, Italy, this new campus will be home to about 60 students each semester starting next spring.

The UNH Italy campus will be located in the center of Prato and just 20 minutes by train to Florence. It will be completely run by the university and include living spaces, classrooms, and dining facilities.

The program will be run by Kevin J.F. Murphy, former academic dean and campus director of the Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA) Global Education programs in Florence and Rome. Dr. Murphy is extremely familiar with the area and culture around Prato and will be able to add that expertise to our students’ experiences abroad.

Because this new campus is run solely through the university, students will be able to study abroad at no extra cost other than their airfare – all of their UNH scholarships will transfer over!

Prato, located in Tuscany, is a very historic area with museums and even a castle! Although picturesque, it is not a tourist hotspot. This will allow our students to truly immerse themselves in the Italian culture and experience everything that it has to offer.

The university prides itself as being a leader in experiential education. We have made it easier than ever to take advantage of the option to study abroad and encourage you to give it a try!