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Miguel Santiago

Admissions Counselor

I graduated from Oglethorpe University in 2010 with a bachelor's degree in English literature. Soon afterwards, I was accepted into the Teach For America program as a 10th grade english teacher in the Mississippi Delta. It was here where I learned the value and utmost importance of providing students with an integrated, extensive education that would prepare them for a successful future in both the collegiate and professional atmosphere.

After some time with the Teach For America program, I decided to return to Atlanta and take a position with my alma mater in the admissions department. Working as a conversion and yield specialist, I assisted the counselors through auditing incomplete applications, contacting various guidance counselors and other school personnel, and working with several students to ensure that their application process was without confusion or difficulty. The most rewarding experience of this position was helping these students complete this vital and influential step in their transition to college.

Once my position ended with Oglethorpe University, I began to work for two tutoring companies concentrating on test preparation, reading comprehension, and writing instruction. My position allowed me to once again assist students in their preparation for college, be it improving an SAT score or revising a college admissions essay. It is through these tutoring companies where I realized my passion and skill for working with students, not only to improve their analytical and performance skills in the classroom, but by preparing them for the next step in their education endeavors.

Joining the University of New haven during the summer of 2012, I am thrilled and excited to be a part of this admissions team here! I finally have the opportunity to have a more invested and integral role in helping students find their place in college.

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    Phone: 203.479.4127
    Cell: 203.815.2931 UNHMiguelSantiago