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Helpful Hints

Include title, name of company, description of position, location, and previous position

Birth Announcement
Include full name of child, birth date, weight

Wedding Announcement
Include marriage date, spouse’s first and last name and degree information if also an alumnus of UNH, church/venue and town of wedding, current occupations and/or honeymoon plans

Because of space limitations in the Alumni and Friends Magazine, only your spouse’s name and your wedding date will be included.  Complete details can be listed on the Alumni website.

Published an article, paper, book, etc.
Include title of book, co-authors, publisher, date published, other books

Featured in a publication
Include full name of magazine, publication date, name of issue (if it’s a special issue), and/or the name of article

Became a member of a committee or organization
Include name of the organization, years with the organization, location, any other committees or organizations you are a part of

Retirement notice
Include company name, date retired, years with company, title

Received an honor or award
Include name of the award, organization that awarded it, date given, if the person was the only recipient or one of a number

Received a degree
Include date, name and location of institution, degree, program