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Sylvia Morgan
Sylvia Morgan '83
Banking Examiner, CPA Connecticut State Department of Banking

A Second Chance at Success

Sylvia Morgan ’83 arrived in Connecticut as an unwed teen mother with an infant son and few skills. She might have ended up a statistic but for one thing: a college education.

"I wanted my baby to have the best, and the only jobs I could find were domestic work," she said recently, more than three decades after she left home in Virginia and moved to Connecticut with a friend. "It became clear to me that I needed more education."

She remembered happy moments poring over numbers with her father when she was small, and she decided to pursue math. She obtained her GED, attended Naugatuck Valley Community College, and was recommended for a scholarship to UNH.

"While I was attending the University of New Haven, we read the Wall Street Journal in class, and the teacher would discuss economics and the stock market," she remembered. "I absorbed that information and liked it. It was at the University that I discovered my interest in investments."

After graduating, Morgan became a CPA, and for more than 25 years has been an associate financial examiner in the Securities Division of the Connecticut Department of Banking, the state equivalent to the federal Securities and Exchange Commission.

"Having access to education and training turned my life around," said Morgan, who prides herself on giving annually to UNH . "Without the scholarships and financial aid, there’s no way I could have done it. I sincerely believe that anyone who wants to go back to school deserves a chance."

Posted Winter 2009