BA/MBA 5 Year Program

The BA/MBA  5 year program is part of the University of New Haven's Combined Bahelor's and Master's Programs that provide a tremendous opportunity to achieve their bachelors and master's degrees in a combined 5 year course of study.  The BA/MBA program enables College of Arts and Sciences students from  any major to enter a program that also works toward their MBA.  After four years, the student can achieve their BA and then complete their MBA by their fifth year.  It is a program that maximizes your time and efforts at school.

Who is this for?

  • The serious student who wants to apply breadth of knowledge and skills afforded in an arts and sciences discipline in a career in business and industry.
  • The student who wants to position him or herself for the dynamic and unpredictable changes that are occurring in the global world today.
  • The student who wants the personal satisfaction, life-long learning, and enjoyment that comes with an arts and sciences education while being successful in a business career that focuses on leadership.


  • Earn a Bachelor’s degree in the Arts and Sciences and a Master’s degree in Business Administration in 5 years.
  • Increase your knowledge, marketability, and career options by combining your education in the arts and sciences with an advanced degree in business.
  • Coursework combines two programs into one seamless program of study.


  •  During the first three years of undergraduate study, a student completes courses required for the BA degree and takes a set of business courses as part of the required and free elective courses.
  • At the end of three years, a student will have completed many of the requirements in the undergraduate major and prerequisites for the MBA including courses in economics, management, marketing, and statistics and analysis.
  • A student applies for “candidacy” into the MBA program at the end of their junior year.  Based on overall undergraduate performance (GPA), performance in the business courses, the GRE or GMAT, and letters of recommendation from faculty, the successful student is an MBA candidate during the senior undergraduate year.
  •  During the fourth year, the MBA candidate takes two graduate courses for the MBA, Accounting and Finance, along with the remaining courses for the BA degree. 
  • The BA degree is awarded at the end of the fourth year upon completion of the BA degree requirements.
  • The student completes the remaining MBA course requirements during the fifth year of study and receives the MBA at the end of the fifth year.