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Vision, Mission & Learning Objectives


The UNH College of Business endeavors to be a preeminent and distinguishable leader among institutions of higher education in the provision of academic business programs.


The College of Business will be a leader in student-centered graduate and undergraduate business and professional education for diverse, career-focused, global learners. We will provide a high-quality, career-advancing education that emphasizes discovery-based learning and continuous self improvement. The College will achieve distinction by providing an education for a competitive global marketplace. We will ensure student success by integrating real-life learning, communication skills, technological competencies and an awareness of diversity and social responsibility. The College Faculty will advance business knowledge through contributions to their disciplines, applications to practice, and innovations to pedagogy.

College Learning Objectives

Graduates of our business degree programs should be able to demonstrate: 

1. Fundamental business, analytical and technical knowledge 
2. A global and integrated business perspective 
3. Social responsibility and ethical awareness 
4. An ability to communicate, collaborate, and continually self-improve