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Health Care Administration

Health Care Organizations have an immediate need for people who understand the maze of regulations, policies, and procedures that underlie our health care system. Our M.S. in Health Care Administration specifically addresses those areas of concern and will make you a vital member of any Health Care Organization.

Recognized as a leader in experiential education, the University of New Haven offers an exciting, highly-relevant, 42-credit master’s degree in health care administration. The program provides a deep understanding of the past, present and future of health care administration, arming you with the skills necessary to identify challenges in the health care system and help practitioners effectively address these issues. With studies in human resource management, health care marketing, long-term care, and more, you will be given a strong foundational understanding of a variety of management principles and learn how they apply specifically to the health care industry. 

Features of the program include:

Varied program concentrations that allow you to specialize in health care marketing, health policy and finance, human resource management in health care, long-term care, managed care, or medical group management

Eligibility to take the State of Connecticut exam for certification as a long-term care administrator if you complete the concentration in long-term care

Maximum flexibility in scheduling and program options; classes are offered in the evenings and on weekends on the University’s graduate trimester schedule

Graduate Certificates

For shorter and more concentrated study, students may select from one of two graduate certificate programs available in Health Care Management and Long-Term Health Care.

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