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Career Placement - The Management of Sport Industries

Career Placement

The management of sports industries program conducted a survey of sports management graduates from our B.S. program in 2004. Eighty-five students provided the following responses:

  • Twenty percent of our graduates were continuing their education, seeking either master degrees or J.D.s. 
  • Forty percent had jobs in areas such as accounting, management, marketing, and even a federal officer.
  • Forty-five percent had jobs in the sports industries ranging from marketing, facility management, collegiate athletic administration, and other positions with professional sports teams.

The following are examples of UNH graduates in sports careers: Aaron Haviland '97 is director of operations for Sun Life Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins. Chris Brown '00 is manager of fan experience and services for the New York Mets. Christine Huber '00 is the facility manager for CFC Arena, and John Hazlett '02 is working in the New York Mets community and Group Sales Department. Brenden Fairfield '97 reports that he is assistant general manager of the Somerset Patriots in the Atlantic Baseball League. Jason Scheets '00 has risen to the position of COO in Star Stuck, Inc., a major catalog and Internet outlet for licensed Major League and Minor League merchandise. Jeff Thiffault '00, who began his career as an intern with Major League Soccer, and worked his way up to manager. operations for MLS.  Brian Hadden '09 is the new Coordinator for National Sportsmanship Day.  David Potamianos '09 is the Director of Corporate Sales with Global Spectrum at Indiana Univ. at Pennsylvania.

Sports management graduates have also pursued careers in business. Elizabeth Brant '91 is vice president of National City Bank in Chicago. Thomas Collett '91 is vice president of National Accounts for Roadlink U.S.A. Catherine Garofalo '93 is director of fleet operations, Santa Fuel, Inc., and Ralph Negri '99 has taken over as vice president of Liberty Mortgage Group. Erika Kamens '97, who has both a B.S. and M.B.A. from UNH is now Senior Marketing Strategist with Horizon Marketing Group. Paula Uscilla '99 has a law degree from Boston University and is currently in-house counsel for a Fortune 50 Company. Chris Theriault '03 also went to law school at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and then opened his own law firm.

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