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First-Year Checklist

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First-Year Checklist

EXPLORE – Your first year is a time to explore your options, get connected and organized, become self-motivated and independent and re-evaluate and reflect on your thoughts about your college experience. This checklist is a guide to help you navigate your first year at UNH. We hope you will take advantage of the many opportunities and programs to support your success as a UNH student.

Academic Excellence and Achievements:

    Attend at least one event sponsored by your college check your email for details on events.
    Research your intended major. Meet with faculty in the department and talk with career development to help decide.
    Take at least one elective unrelated to your major that sounds interesting to you, if possible.
    Meet with your academic advisor twice during your first semester.
    Connect with at least one UNH faculty or staff member who cares about your academic and personal success - Talk with your faculty mentor about your intended major.
    Utilize the tutoring and writing resources in the Center for Learning Resources, Academic Peer Mentor, and other academic support services.
    Connect with members of the UNH community who are in your classes; discuss forming study groups and exchange contact information.
    Visit the Marvin K. Peterson Library, and attend workshops to increase your understanding of the literary resources and online databases available to you at UNH. 
    Connect with an upperclassman in your intended major to find out about their experience.
    Connect with a club or organization that reflects your career goals.
    Use degree audit to monitor your academic progress toward graduation.
    Learn how to calculate your GPA.
    Clear any holds for registration. 
    Know the requirements for making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) by successfully completing a minimum of 24 credits this year and maintaining good academic standing.
    If applicable, understand the academic requirements for renewal of Financial Aid and complete the FAFSA by March 1. 
    Register to vote in West Haven or request an absentee ballot.

Citizenship and Community Involvement:

Career Preparation:

    Meet with a career advisor to discuss career assessment tools, which will help you identify your values, interests, abilities and personality type.
    Visit the Career Development Center and familiarize yourself with the resources and staff available to assist you.
    Attend a Resume Writing workshop to learn the process and start editing your resume using the resume writing guide
    Register for Charger Career Link and begin exploring the internship and job postings, search the resource Library, register to attend a career workshop or event, and post your resume for review.
    Meet with Career Development staff or a faculty member to discuss a summer elective internship and begin applying your classroom knowledge to the real world.
    Seek on campus job opportunities or attend the work study fair.

Personal Growth:

Reflective Questions:

    What have you learned about yourself in your first year at UNH?
    How have you explored your major and career goals?
    How have you become connected to UNH outside of academics?
    How has a mentor assisted you this year?