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Senior-Year Checklist

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Senior-Year Checklist

APPLY your learning, plan to maintain UNH connections, mentor others to take on your leadership roles, prepare for the next steps after college and reflect on your growth and learning during college. This list is a guide to help you navigate your senior year. It is your responsibility to integrate the list into your personal and academic goals.

Academic Excellence and Achievements:

Citizenship and Community Involvement:

Career Preparation:

Personal Growth :

Reflective Questions :

    Reflect on your four years of college. What did you learn about yourself? Your strengths? 
    How did UNH prepare you for your next step in life? 
     Reflect on how experiential education impacted your studies at UNH.
    Consider how you will connect to the UNH campus after you have graduated? What can you do as an alumnus to remain an active member of the UNH community?