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Sophomore-Year Checklist

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Sophomore-Year Checklist

DEVELOP – Your second year is a time to further develop your academic plan; learn about and plan for study abroad, internships, opportunities for professional development; take on leadership roles; learn about others, learn to self advocate and find your niche. This checklist is a guide to help you navigate your sophomore year. It is your responsibility to take advantage of the resources and services that can best support your personal and academic goals.

Academic Excellence and Achievements:

Citizenship and Community Involvement:

Career Preparation:

Personal Growth:

Reflective Questions:

    Reflect on your values and passion. What is your calling and purpose?
    Reflect on who you are and who you want to be. What is your motivation?
    Look into ways that can assist you with balance in your life. What are your priorities?
    Take time to consider who your role models are in your life. Why are they your role models?